"Farm Supply" Items Available This Spring!

Items listed are/will be in-store only. * = In Stock Now! Questions? Give us a call! 641-396-2475
● Baby Chick Supplies - CHICKS COMING SOON (March) ● PLANTS!!!! - Assorted Flowers & Vegetables ● Garden, Grass, & Field Seeds ● Yard & Landscaping Materials ●* Automotive Fluids, Seafoam, Hydraulic Fluid, and WD-40 ●* Gas & Diesel Treatments ●* Fencing Repair & Electric Fencing Supplies ● Fly Control & Dewormers

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Now you can place an order through our website! Simply browse our products, add items to your cart, check out, and pick up your order at our location. We will have your order ready to go! NEW! - Contact us to arrange delivery! See more details below. NOTE: a small number of products are only available in-store and in limited supply: assorted zip ties, hose connectors, and discounted garden chemicals. These items are leftover stock from Egli's Hometown Supply and will not be restocked.
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Prefer to talk to a person? Call us at 641-396-2475 to place your order and let us know how and when you want to pay for and receive your order. Either stop in to pick it up or arrange delivery!
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Special Orders
If you can't find something you need, ask us about special ordering it for you. As an independent retailer, we have the freedom to stock a wide variety of products. Just let us know what you need! We don't charge any additional fees for placing special orders. Call or stop in to talk to us so we can answer your questions! Please allow us 7-10 days to receive your special order.

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